Technical Requirements

This article lists all the technical requirements that make Acadal run as intended in your company. Listed alphabetically. 

Browser Compatibility

The Acadal platform is optimized for the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge v. 40.15 
  • Mozilla Firefox v. 54.0 
  • Google Chrome v. 59.0 
  • Safari v. 10.1 and later

Internet Explorer 11 and later versions are supported but not recommended. 

The Acadal Platform can only be reached on the following domain: Make sure the domain has been whitelisted in your firewall. 

Mails and Spamfilters

The users must be created on the Acadal Platform with an e-mail address they administer themselves.

The users must be able to receive emails from the following address:

  • Check the domain has been whitelisted for all users in your spamfilter
  • To avoid issues, links that users receive in e-mails must be set to 'open' in one of the compatible browsers with access to
  • E-mails are formatted in HTML. To ensure the optimal experience we highly recommend the user's e-mail client supports HTML. 

Remote Desktops and Terminal Servers

Some companies use different solutions in which e.g. mails and specific web-domains can only be accessed via a terminal-server (TS) or a virtual desktop solution (VDS). If your company uses such solutions on employee laptops make sure to check the following to ensure Acadal works as intended:

  • Users can access whilst logged in on TS or VDS.
  • Users are able to see videos via web-browser whilst logged in on TS or VDS.
  • Users can receive e-mails from whilst logged in on TS or VDS.

Since Acadal is a cloud-based platform it is important we verify the above is possible whilst logged in via TS or VDS. Otherwise, it will be impossible for users to use Acadal. 

Mobile and Tablet

The Acadal Webapp is supported on the following platforms with limited functionality:

  • Android 4.4 and later
  • Safari and Chrome for iOS 10.2 and later 

We only recommend Mobile and Tablet as secondary platforms. 

Screen Resolution

The following minimum resolution is required when using Acadal on Desktops and Laptops: 1024x768

For the best experience, we recommend a resolution of 1920x1080 or higher. 

Sound and Audio in the Browser

Most Sprints (courses on the Acadal Webapp) will contain both sound and video. Therefore the user must have access to a system with connected speakers or a headset.

The audio files run in MP3 format whilst the video files run in mp4 format. Both formats are broadly supported on most modern platforms.