Setting notification level for the team

How notification levels work

In team settings, you can set the notification level for new users.

This affects the default notification level for all new users created within your portal, but not existing users.

The reason for this is we believe that it's up to the individual to decide how they want to work on Acadal and if they want to use email. So even if you set the default level, all users can change it individually.

How to set notification level in team settings

  • Click on the menu (the 3 dots in the right upper corner).
  • Click company settings
  • Click on the tab Notifications
  • Adjust your level or opt-out of email

You don't have to save. It's sat the momentum you change it.

Here how it looks:

What kind of emails does each level contain?

Level 1 — Critical email

This level holds everything related to sprinting, like:

  • New Sprint started
  • New section open
  • Reminder to login to new Sprint

Level 2 — Important emails

This level holds follow-ups, reports, and social interactions from the team, like:

  • User added but not logged in yet
  • The sprint report is ready
  • Someone tagged you

Level 3 — All emails

This level is built as a sequence. It means you'll only get one email a week, related to where you are in the process. If you haven't login in, you get a reminder to do that. If you have logged in, but haven't contributed, that's the email you'll get and so on. It's meant to make sure there is momentum and keep everyone at solving your shared challenge.

  • You are falling behind your team
  • You haven't contributed
  • You have unrated Ideas


If you opt-out of all possible emails, we'll only send these to you. These are core system emails and the platform doesn't work if these were disabled, so don't allow you to switch these off.

  • Reset Password
  • New user invitation
  • New user didn't log in

Note: if you turn this on, the platform doesn't do any work for you in terms of getting people activated to use the platform. It's all up to you to do this and in our experience, your people become less engaged in solving your challenge.

If you opt-out, we'll also disable all notification levels until turned on again.

Trouble receiving email?

Read our technical requirements for Acadal.