How to send emails from a module

You have the possibility of sending an email to all participants that are module-specific. It's built so the participants will only get the email when they enter the module it is attached to. So it's not everyone who gets it at the same time. They get it as they progress to that module and are actively entering it.

How to set up the email

  1. Click to the module where you want to email to be sent from.
  2. Click the email icon in the right top corner of the module area. 
  3. A layer opens with the email settings.
  4. Enter your email data and close the windows again.

How can I see if there is an email attached to a module?

You'll see this icon.

If it says edit, an email is attached to the module.

How can I edit the email again?

Click on the email icon again.

How can I delete the email?

Click on the email icon and click the delete button.

How does the email look?

Like this.

This is what you can edit

  • Email title
  • Body text
  • Button text
  • Link on button

If you don't put anything into the button fields, it will not be displayed.

Notification level

The email is put into notification level critical. So unless the user has opted out of email, everyone gets it, no matter of notification level setting. 

Use cases

Here are some ideas on how to use it

  • If people should perform something on their phone you can send an email where they can open it. Like, listen to a podcast while they drive or opening an app.
  • If people should do a specific task and you want them to have a document you could send it through email for making it easy for them.

Rules of thumb

  • The email is not supposed to be the driver. It will only come _after_ they visited the module, so keep the important stuff on the platform and use the email for a reminder of important stuff after.
  • Don't overuse this. It will give everyone a bad experience to get an email every time they use the platform.